Teaching Philosophy

I am engaged in a journey, a journey of self-discovery, growing and learning through my art. This love of learning, achieving, succeeding, and believing in oneself, makes me function more effectively as an art educator. I am challenged to dedicate and commit my energy towards cultural diversity, integrating contemporary concepts and to acquire a lifetime of learning and sharing my discoveries. 

My objective for teaching is learning. A productive learning environment is the connection between the faculty and student. Teaching is a part of learning that I strive to do well, thus I continue to pursue my commitment giving new learning opportunities to my students. My goal and focus as a teacher is to enable my students to grasp ideas and concepts. This process makes them realize their own unique talents, expression and capabilities in art by believing in themselves. I strive to share my knowledge, talent, skill and experience with my students who are this world’s future. 

Creating a stimulating environment for growth, my students gain knowledge in subject matter by exploring and increasing their learning by research. This enables them to be problem-solvers that help them to realize their dreams, giving them courage and confidence to lead successful careers in the arts. I am motivated in teaching and facilitating this interactive process through concept, theory, criticism and technical skill with a diverse group of students. Teaching has given me responsibility and desire to teach individuals from different walks of life. The guided exploration and criticism process between the student and myself is a means of learning and achieving their full potential. This success of my students is my focus as a teacher. 

The collaboration of my fine art skills in drawing and painting, installation techniques, new technologies and design skills makes me more knowledgeable in conveying the technical aspect of developing conceptual and unique projects in my classes. I introduce the various possibilities of new forms of art to the students, inspire them to combine mixed media and integrate technologies within their work by showing them examples of contemporary art. I would like to inspire individual perceptions from ordinary to new possibilities by encouraging them to experiment with concept, new media, techniques and growth as individual artists. Sharing my art experience will help build their confidence in working as professional artists and designers in the real world. The development of this process allows the student to gain confidence and deal with the actual projects from concept to implementation. 

I have a passion and desire for art and a need to share this, which in turn inspires other individuals to make statements within their work. As a teacher I motivate and guide students to make better decisions, be creative thinkers, be open to experimentation, learn from the process and enhance lifelong learning.